Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brunette to Blonde

Im finally going to take the plunge. I have a hair appointment set up next week to get my hair dyed. 
TO BLONDE. Yeah, blonde. lol Im nervous...Should I be? Ive always, ALWAYS wanted to know how i'd look blonde. Being a brunette all my life... Ones gotta be curious. And so after talking with friends, and the hubby, I decided one day while picking up some lunch for myself, Im gonna do it! And the date was set. Next Wednesday I will be a blonde. :D 
Now while being nervous...Im also very excited! (Its  big thing for me, dont make fun. lol) 
With me also wanting to have fun colors in my hair like, pink, purple or brunettes, sometimes they dont show up very vibrantly. Unless you bleach it of course but i cant so at home bleaching. :/  But now once i have blonde hair, I can finally try chalking my hair! It will show up MUCH better in light colored hair than brown. :P  So im excited about that.
The dilemma i have now is what shade to get.
 Im not going for this:
No no no no. Not a very light blonde.
More like these:

That ^^ would probably be the lightest I would consider.
Darkest...would be a tiny bit darker than this:

And so thats what will happen next week. I will post before and afters of course! 
See you then!! 
Nikki P

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Curling with a straightener. Is this for real?!

I promised you some new posts and i am sorry it took me awhile to get to them.
With us getting a new kitten in the family, its VERY hard to type on my laptop.  She pounces on my fingers every 10 seconds! lol I think its the noise I make but it kept getting on my nerves. She'd bring up the help screen, turn CAPS on, hit the wireless button ALL THE TIME, (disconnecting me like crazy) and of course some how exiting out completely! HOW!?! Well she did it enough times that i kinda just gave up on typing anything. Hence taking me awhile to blog...
But alas, here it is..

I always try to find new ways to curl my hair without a curling iron (which I am minus one of) and so I go to my favorite source. Pinterest.
Annywho, I found one that I thought was possible for me to do. Use a straightener. A straightener you say?? Isnt that kind of the opposite? Yes, yes it is, but it worked!! And i will show you how its done. Its very simple! and doesnt take very long at all!

Step one: 
Gather your things: Hair spray, clips and of course your flat iron. :)

Step two:
Clip half of your hair up so you can work in sections. 
(excuse how crazy my hair looks like this...)

 Step Three:
Take a small portion from one side...

 And take the flat iron to it as you would a curling iron. And twist it about 180 degrees. So that you see the rest of the hair like so. Slowly start sliding the straightener down. Stopping slightly every pull till you reach the ends.

This is the result. :) Nice curl huh!! Finish up and add hair spray. :)  It only takes me like 10-15 min to do this! My first time was a bit eh, but with practice I mastered it! haha Hopefully it will stay much longer for you than it does for me. Living in Japan and its humidity...curling is like a 10 min thing. lol it kinda sucks. :/ 

I forgot to get an "after" photo... so I apologize for no "before and after" results. :( 
But this technique works so well with me! Better than the sock bun at night, or headband and wet hair technique. I love it and do it all the time! No curler necessary. :) 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 
Have a great weekend! 

Nikki P