Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finally a Blonde!

Its been too long since I've visited my blog. I've kind of taken a good break. But now im back. i promise. :)
And so we pick back up where we left off...
My hair.

So there it is. I didnt get an an all over color. Instead my stylist told me it would be better to do an all over highlight. And thats what I got. :) 
And lemme tell you, I LOVE IT!! So freakin much!

But I do want it lighter...
So maybe sometime later you'll see another change. :)
But definitely waiting. It was $150 sooo.. Im just waiting until we go home in April. My wonderful mother-in-law can do my hair then. :)

Now I promise to keep up with my posts.
Until next time! Thanks for stopping by!
Nikki P