Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brunette to Blonde

Im finally going to take the plunge. I have a hair appointment set up next week to get my hair dyed. 
TO BLONDE. Yeah, blonde. lol Im nervous...Should I be? Ive always, ALWAYS wanted to know how i'd look blonde. Being a brunette all my life... Ones gotta be curious. And so after talking with friends, and the hubby, I decided one day while picking up some lunch for myself, Im gonna do it! And the date was set. Next Wednesday I will be a blonde. :D 
Now while being nervous...Im also very excited! (Its  big thing for me, dont make fun. lol) 
With me also wanting to have fun colors in my hair like, pink, purple or brunettes, sometimes they dont show up very vibrantly. Unless you bleach it of course but i cant so at home bleaching. :/  But now once i have blonde hair, I can finally try chalking my hair! It will show up MUCH better in light colored hair than brown. :P  So im excited about that.
The dilemma i have now is what shade to get.
 Im not going for this:
No no no no. Not a very light blonde.
More like these:

That ^^ would probably be the lightest I would consider.
Darkest...would be a tiny bit darker than this:

And so thats what will happen next week. I will post before and afters of course! 
See you then!! 
Nikki P


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