Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Current Obsession!

[Such a GREAT site! Am I right?!]

I have been part of the Pinterest world for awhile. I mean who isn't?! And if you AREN'T apart of it, i highly recommend it. :) I even got my husband to get an account. Haha Until currently I use to just "like" everything. Actually, I think I currently have about 600+ "likes". lol I think thats insane. At least for me. Quite frankly, im addicted. I dont have many boards but two of my favorites, are my Future Projects and The Fatty in me. *Go ahead and check 'em out along with the other boards. :)

My project board is for all the spectacular arts and crafts that are out in the world. And I pin tons of ideas that I hope to actually do. If only I had the money and talent to do all of these, I totally would. Lol  But...BUT, I have been picking the ones that are a bit more cheaper. So excited to start all of them! I have such high expectations. I just hope it all goes how I want it. One thing that I am finding that is gonna be a necessity, and which is now on my Christmas list; A sewing machine. A lot of things I wanna make involves it. And im one short. :/
Projects I've done...

1. Memory Jar- Write down a memory and put in the jar. New Years Eve read all of them and reminisce about all the great times you had.
2. DIY Pore Strips-Mix Gelatin and milk, heat up 10 seconds, put on face RIGHT AWAY. Let it dry, peel off. *Smells absolutely horrible!!! Just a warning*
3. Hand Scrub- Fill a small jar 3/4 full of sugar. Add desired amount of pink dawn dish soap. Smells amazing and Hands so soft!
4. String States- My Favorite* Nail outline of state on a 12x12 board. Nail a center point wherever you like. Connect the nails with string. Beautiful! Im making tons of these!!

My Food board, or as I call it, The Fatty in Me, is full of recipes I wish I could make or attempt to make. Things that look positively delicious and that make my mouth water at the sight. Things like Death by Chocolate. Ugh! So many sweets!! I've made some of the recipes on there, and surprisingly they have turned out great. For the most part. Lol
Ones I've tried out...

1. Homemade Pizza Rolls! Just crescent rolls, pepperoni, and string cheese. A delicious choice for lunch.
2. Donuts. Need I say more? Lol Pillsbury Grands. Simple and YUMMY!
3. Cookie for one in a cup. You only Microwave all ingredients for a minute. Awesome right!?!
4. Mini Cinnamon Rolls. Yummy! Crescent rolls. So easy. :)


Over the week I will show you how some of these creations went. Im so excited! :D
What are some of your favorite Pinterest Projects/Recipes?

Stay Tuned!!
Nikki P 

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