Wednesday, June 20, 2012

30 Day Nail Challenge. Day 20: Water Marble

If there is one thing in the nail art category that is the frustrating, it would be water marbling for me. I dont know why!
The first two nails go smoothly, (if you dont get any bubbles) but then the polish and water get stubborn with each other when you move onto the rest of your nails. ei, the color droplets dont spread, the polish dries too quickly so you cant drag the colors...situations like those are what make me wanna stick to...
well anything other than water marbling. lol
After a long grueling fight and many attempts at swirling and dragging, I got a nice mix for my nails, . :)
I was very pleased. 

My favorite ones were my thumb, ring and pinky finger. 

Tomorrow we start with nails that are inspired by things! Woo!

Thanks for stoppin by,
Nikki P

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