Thursday, July 26, 2012

Okuma Paradise

Last weekend Brian and I and a few friends of ours stayed in cute little cabins at the gorgeous Okuma Beach and Resort. It was us two and about 12 other people from Brians shop. They have had a pretty rough 3 weeks before and needed a well deserved break. So that was the plan for the weekend. lol 
It was a great weekend overall. The sun was shining everyday, and in between the scorching heat, there would be a drizzle from a mysterious rain cloud. It really helped when you wanted to be cooled off. the first night we caught the sunset and even a small showing of fireworks. The next day Brian and I spent a good part of the day to ourselves. We stretched out on our beach towels to catch a tan. (ok I needed the tan, Brian was just "evening" out.)
After we went for a swim, and I loved it. Im usually very iffy with the ocean. Very paranoid about jellyfish. lol But I enjoyed it very much. 
We had enough salty goodness for the day so we decided to explore. Where we found a neat path leading up a hill surrounded by jungleness. Once at the top, A breath-taking view presented itself. Photo op! 
Walking all the way back up to the cabins and were completely pooped. With hours in the sun, a quick swim in the ocean, AND exploring, what better to do than nap. Something about the heat that makes me extremely tired. lol
The night ended with a shower of rain. Bringing an end to our beer pong and s'more making. Instead, we got huddled under a tent, singing along to Gotye. Haha awesome. 
Time for you to see the photos! Favorite part yes?

[Our cabin we stayed in. Air conditioned too!]

[All of our cars circled around our 3 cabins. Trying to make a sound barrier. Haha]



[Our new kick-ass hats!] 

[I loved my hat!]

 [The start of our exploration]

 [Our view]


 [Our friend Brandy and her son Mason]

 [Me making an elephant in the sand.]


 [The sun disappearing] 

 [Insanely sun burnt cheeks...and shoulders]


[The on-lookers]

Here is a small video of what we saw on our expedition.

I hope you all had just as wonderful a weekend! 

Nikki P

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kellyelizabeth said...

So pretty!! wish i was there!

<3 kelly