Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

May 5th, more commonly known as Cinco De Mayo. The day that is remembered for the day the Mexican army beat the French at the Battle of Puebla. But lets be honest, for most of us it is just another excuse to drink and party right. Riiight?? Tonight our friends had a great party tonight and we just had to go. why not. Brian planned on taking care of me so he didnt drink. me on the other i think you can guess.

Me being so sheltered in the party world, I've never really played an official full game of Beer Pong, but tonight the opportunity presented itself. My partner and i were doing okay at first but then, THEN, we came back! I can happily say we won that round. My first official game too! it felt really good. Don't get me wrong I'm no pro, i need a lot of practice, but we still kicked butt! ha ha. 
Later that night some of us were getting a bit tired of beer after beer, so shots were in order. Whatever was mixed in the shot, it was good and tasted like a jolly rancher. yum. Once that was done, we started a game of "Survivor". This is how it goes, you are on a team. you start with just a shot-like amount of beer in a cup and you bounce a ping pong ball into it. its only like  inches in front of you so no biggie, ponce  you get it in, you have to chug it and then flip it upright. once you get it, the next person goes and does the same thing. first team to finish gets to choose which person gets kicked off the other team. (usually the best one) no matter what, the same amount of cups are used the entire time. first team to loose all its players looses. 
It was my first time playing this game too. and well we dominated. after that our opponent was all butt hurt so he secretly mixed a whole lot of berry flavored Ciroc into some homemade sangria and had us take "shots" of it. well it did its job of getting us drunk. haha. a little after they busted out Glee karaoke, we had to leave. 
i got home and had to try out a hangover remedy in honor of my dad. its not really a proven remedy, its just something he does everytime he drinks. He drinks a glass of milk and has one or two slices of bread and butter. i added sugar to make it yummy. we'll see how it works tomorrow morning. :) 
So that was my night celebrating. Enjoy today! Have Fun! 
Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!!

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