Monday, May 14, 2012


I wanted to do my hair differently today. So i remembered something i saw on Pinterest. It was a way to kind of crimp your hair. So i said why not. i got to work. First i need to point out i did this while my husband was at work, so it was a surprise for him to see it when he got home. Ha Ha. Well, lets just say he didn't approve...hence the face he is giving me. 
As you can see there is a big difference. I actually really liked it. It was different from my normal straight i usually have going on. It also adds volume. I guess poof would be a more appropriate word. Yeah. POOF. lol

Now how to show you how to achieve this wonderful do.

1. I parted my hair to make it more manageable. 

2. I then took a small portion, (about the width of a pencil) and TWIST! Until its nice and tight. But don't let it curl up. No we need it nice and straight.

3. To help it hold, i used some strong hair spray. Just a light spritz. 

4. Add the heat. Slide your straightener down the portions of the hair slowly. Or clamp and hold, and move down a bit and repeat. I did both to help.

5. Let go of the twist and just let it be for now. If you want add another spritz of hair spray. (i did)

You can see how just that one strand turned out. Crimpy right. I redid that one and then continued with my whole head. I looked like i had dreads. lol Because of all the hair spray, it was hard and felt gross. ( i hate the feeling of super hair sprayed hair.) I then tousled my hair with my fingers, loosening the twists. The hardness feeling was getting to me so i just got my brush.

After brushing through it a couple times, it came out lovely. i put some bobby pins in and Viola! Gorgeous. 
I think this method for crimping is great! Yeah it took a while due to the twisting and heating, but its a hell of a lot faster than braiding your whole head and leaving it in overnight. Which is how i use to do it when i was younger. So i approve of this. :) 
If you feel the interest of trying it, let me know how it goes for you. ;) 

Thanks for Reading,
Nikki P

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