Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who's That Girl

Hello fellow bloggers, I'm Nikki, and this is my story.  I'm from a small town in the crazy cold, Packer loving state. Yepp you guessed it, Wisconsin. I love it there. Yeah it can be a big pain in the neck but its home to me. No matter how much I get made fun of for the way I pronounce things like BAG or ABOUT. *cough, my husband, cough* Ha Ha

I am a music loving, day dreaming, adventure seeking, nail painting, crazy girl living in Okinawa, Japan. Yes you read that right, Japan. But before I tell you all about my adventures, I'll enlighten you as to HOW I got here...

I had just graduated high school and was this close to going to college in Milwaukee, but another opportunity arose: the NAVY. I thought I could learn a lot from it and maybe make it a career. A lot of my friends were surprised by my decision. This 5'3 girl...going into the NAVY?? Yeah okayy... And so in February of 2011 I went to boot camp. Ugh. What an experience. Once I was done with that I went on to A-school in Texas. Being there was awesome, i met some really cool people. And little did I know ALSO my future husband. I'll get to that later.

So there I was, on to becoming a Seabee, a "dirt sailor" as they call it. But unfortunately my little legs got hurt and I wasn't about to get surgery, so I got out. Now it wasn't just some 3 months there and I left, nah my schooling  was supposed to be only 4 months, I was there for 8. My schooling was stopped half way so I wasn't doing anything but hang out, make friends and watch them graduate and leave. Great huh. NO. I was fed up. So December I went home to Wisconsin. Out of the NAVY, back to where I started. (sigh) Around the same time my boyfriend, Brian did the unthinkable...proposed. Let me tell you a bit about him.

While I was in Texas, Brian was also in the same class to be an electrician. While going thru some tough personal stuff, he really helped me out. We talked a lot, hung out a few times. Until one day he comes stumbling (a wee bit drunk) into our quarterdeck and kissed the back of my hand. That night, he stole my heart without knowing it. We went out and we had movie dates a couple times. One night walking back, he did one of the best things a guy can do to a girl...

Let's set the mood, it's getting dark, we're walking between buildings and we're just making small talk. Suddenly he grabbed my hand and turned me around and kissed me. One of those great spontaneous kisses that catches you off guard and takes your breath away. Yeah,  he is THAT guy. And so i fell in love. He graduated in September and went home. From there he went to Japan, but the whole time he made sure we stayed in contact with each other. We weren't sure what exactly to call what we were relationship wise due to the distance, but I knew that if he wouldn't give up on me I would be with him for the rest of my life. We were apart for 6 months and about 3 months into our being separated, right around the time that most couples fall apart, he asked me to be his wife and, if I was up for it, move to Japan. I couldn't wait to be his wife, and to see his smile every day. So here I am, living in Okinawa, Japan with my best friend, the love of my life, my husband.

Thank you for dropping in, see you again.
Thanks, Nikki P

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